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Brent Geese return to Mayo

It’s mid-October and the Brent Geese (light-bellied) have returned to Mayo for the winter from their summer breeding grounds, over 7,000km away in Arctic Canada.

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Book tells Inishkea Islanders’ story

‘Amongst Our Own’ is a book about the Inishkea Islands by Tomás Bán O’Raghallaigh, whose parents were among the last inhabitants of the islands, located a few miles off the Mullet Peninsula in North West Mayo.


Wild and wonderful Elly Bay

Elly Bay, a few miles beyond Binghamstown, is the best-known beach on the Mullet peninsula in North West Mayo.

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Cross Beach overlooking fabled Inishglora

Cross beach, only a few kilometres west of Binghamstown on the Mullet, is one of the hidden gems among Mayo’s many beautiful beaches  – and a place we keep returning to at all times of the year.

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Cross Loop Walk where scenery and legend meet

There are very few looped walks that can rival The Cross Loop Walks on The Mullet in Co Mayo for such varied and magnificent seaside scenery.  From the moment you set foot on Cross beach, which stretches from Cross Point to Corraun Point, you will know you are in a place of great beauty that has […]

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The best beaches in Mayo

Summer is perfect for exploring and enjoying Mayo’s wonderful coastline which is dotted with some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. Indeed, there is hardly a weekend in the year when it’s not possible to head off to walk a beach or find a hidden cove to explore and marvel at the breathtaking […]